CRIJ Occitanie Pyrénées Mediterranée is an association with a public service mission. Its role is to accompany young people towards autonomy and better inclusion in society. Based in Toulouse they belong to the National Network of youth information offices in France

«What is Youth Information?

The IJ structures, labelled by the state, seek to accompany young people in their autonomy.

Information is a right for all young people. It is undoubtedly a key that opens, enlightens, guides or directs their life choices by providing answers to their questions of all kinds, on a daily basis.

Thanks to trained professionals, Youth Information aims to promote young people's autonomy through better access to information.

In Occitania, our action is developed around 8 priority objectives, based on the needs expressed by young people

1.       Helping them in their first steps to enter the world of work

2.       Informing about jobs, training and local economic prospects in order to facilitate their choice of direction

3.       Facilitating the first independent housing by offering information and services for housing and managing a small budget correctly

4.       Supporting their knowledge of the administrative organisation, specific social rights and in their first administrative steps

5.       To encourage their commitment, involvement in a civic approach and to accompany them in their search for information for their projects

6.       Helping to carry out their mobility projects, particularly internationally, by putting them in touch with specialised players and supporting them in their projects

7.       Contribute to the quality of life of young people through preventive actions, health education or by facilitating their access to culture, leisure and holidays

8.       Educating in the use of digital technology 


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