30th and 31st October 2018.

    Santiago de Compostela.

  • Study visit. Famalicão. Pedagogical Farm
    Study Visits


    The Social and Cultural Centre of S. Pedro do Bairro, has a mission of meeting the needs and expectations of the local and municipal community through excellence in the provision of education, training and rehabilitation services...

  • Study visit. Famalicão. Vision 2025
    Study Visits


    The main objective of the project observed in the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão is the integration and participation of its citizens in the strategic planning of the future vision for the city - Vision 2025. A plan of continuous construction was adopted by the Municipality based on the dynamics of the territory...

  • Study visit. Famalicão. Made IN
    Study Visits


    The main objective of the project is the economic promotion and development of the Municipality. It intends to mobilize and boost the territory entrepreneurial character, "Famalicão Made IN" can be considered a facilitating agent of the initiatives for the creation and installation of new companies...

  • Study Visit. RENNES. TEZEA
    Study Visits


    TEZEA is located in Pipriac and Saint-Ganton in Ille-et-Vilaine (Rennes Region). It is a job-oriented enterprise (Back-to-work Enterprise) created under the project "Territories zero long-term unemployed". The main objective it is to redirect public budgets from the costs of deprivation of employment to finance the missing jobs by ensuring good working conditions...

  • Study Visit. RENNES. TAg BZH
    Study Visits


    TAg BZH is a social incubator, its main objective is to support the creation of local, collective and innovative companies that meet the social needs of the four great regions of the Bretagne...

  • Study visit. RENNES. Ressources T
    Study Visits


    Ressources T has two essential objectives at its core. Firstly, it is an enterprise specialised in the reuse of goods. Second, it intends to support its employees in the process of integration in the labour market through the renovation, restoration and sale of goods (mostly household appliances)...

  • Study visit. DERRY. UV Arts
    Study Visits


    UV Arts is a fun, dynamic non-profit social enterprise and urban arts company that aims to meet the social needs of certain areas of Derry City, as well, the integration of young people at risk of social exclusion. For this purpose, they carry out projects of space rehabilitation using urban art such as graffiti.

  • Study Visit. DERRY. The Playtrail
    Study Visits


    The Playtrail1 aims to provide an inclusive approach to play and provide increased training and employment opportunities for young adults with learning disabilities. The Playtrail is currently utilised by a cross section of organisations, both statutory and voluntary, as well as many youth clubs and schools...

  • Study visit. DERRY. Reuse Centre
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    The Reuse Centre is a social economy project in partnership with Derry City, the Departments of the Environment and Social Development and the Strabane District Council and committed to European Waste Reduction Regulations...

  • Study Visit. DERRY. Nerve Centre
    Study Visits


    The Nerve Centre is Northern Ireland’s leading creative media arts centre and it is a successful social economy enterprise, that employs more than 40 staff in Derry and Belfast. The main objective of the project observed is the integration, formation, training and participation of the young citizens of Derry city in the cultural dynamization of the city...

  • Study Visit. DERRY. Kippie
    Study Visits


    Kippie, has a mission of meeting the needs and expectations of the local community through the provision of education and training, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the population, more specifically, they work with the young population with or without learning difficulties...