Ayuntamiento de Avilés (Lead partner)


Avilés Municipality is the local authority of Avilés city (80.508 inhabitants). The Welfare Services provide a comprehensive array of social services to the local community ranging from citizen participation to housing or employment, leading to achieve the social cohesion in the city.


Municipality of Avilés has a remarkable transnational experience intensified the last 5 years both as leader and partner of international projects: IMAGINA (Interreg 4B Atlantic Spac 2009-1/087); INNOVATE (Interreg 4B Atlantic Spac 2009-1/100); ATI (503312-LLP-1-2009-1-ES-GRUNDTVIG-GMP); EUCEMET.


Avilés Municipality will be leading the project; they will act as a driving force to mobilize the partners in order to achieve the objectives laid down in the application within the specified deadlines. They will closely work with the Regional Government for the project capitalization.


Avilés will be the coordinator of WP1, in charge of the general monitoring of the project, and it will be the main representative of Atlantic Social Lab on behalf of the partnership. They will collect and provide support to the partners when preparing each of the claims to comply with the project spending plan as set in the subsidy contract. They will organize the kick off in Avilés (Spain) meeting as soon as the project is approved. Avilés will facilitate the collaboration of stakeholders locally to engage in a common vision of enhancing the social innovation capacity of the city of Avilés. They will carry out the Social analysis mapping to identify the main social needs and implement and assess impact of the pilot actions in social welfare and social clauses. In cooperation with the partnership they will produce the social innovation trend reports and they will finally involve the policy makers, stakeholders and practitioners in the project communication and capitalization.


Partner will continue in the extension phase!