Comunidade Intermunicipal do Ave


CIM do Ave has a multidisciplinary team with great capacity and important skills within the project management, regional and transnational, as well as within the field of regional cooperation with the public and private institutions and the civil society.


CIM do Ave has a remarkable transnational experience, both as lead partner or beneficary partner: INTERREG IIIC - PAGUS, REDETRAL, BIOLOGICA. INTERREG IVC - PLUS TEX. SUDOE - APSAT. INTERREG IIIA - CASTRENOR. FEDER QREN-ON2. LEONARDO DA VINCI - EUROSKILLS. ERASMUS+KA1 - AVE PLUS.


The partner CIM do AVE will be coordinating the project capitalisation strategy, and will act as driving force to build the future sustainability of the project results. They will also work closely to the Portuguese associated partners to achieve a full transferability of the Best Practices identified.


As coordinators of WP3 (Capitalization), they will be in charge CIM DO AVE of the development of the Exploitation Strategic Plan, with the assistance of all partners. CIM DO AVE will also be responsible for the After Life Exploitation Plan, with which the partnership will ensure the financial and institutional sustainability of the project after its official lifetime. CIM DO AVE will facilitate the collaboration of stakeholders locally to engage in a common vision of enhancing the social innovation capacity in the region. They will carry out the Social analysis mapping to identify and implement the pilot actions TBDand increasing the capacity building of the civil servants, to later assess the impact through the Tool kit. In cooperation with the partnership, they will produce the social innovation trend reports and they will finally involve the policy makers, stakeholders and practitioners in the project communication and capitalization.


Partner will continue in the extension phase!