A map of reuse services in Bretagne
  • 02 April 2019

A map of reuse services in Bretagne elaborated by CRESS Bretagne partner

CRESS Bretagne partner has elaborated a map of reuse services in Bretagne. This map was realized in collaboration with the Observatory of Environment in Bretagne with the data collected for the Atlantic Social Lab project. It is meant to be a tool for associations, social enterprises and local authorities who want to develop reuse activities.

It offers a broad view of the reuse services delivered by associations and social enterprises: collecting, sorting, cleaning, repairing and selling everyday goods. The map uses several criteria: Type of goods, status of the organization (community organization, back-to-work enterprise, volunteer organization…) and  size, number of employees, area of intervention.

More information in the next link: https://bretagne-environnement.fr/acteurs-economie-sociale-solidaire-reemploi-bretagne-datavisualisation