Sustaining a favourable climate for Scotland’s Social Enterprise sector in Edinburgh (UK) on 6 March 2020
  • 10 February 2020

Sustaining a favourable climate for Scotland’s Social Enterprise sector in Edinburgh (UK) on 6th March 2020

The Atlantic Social Lab, SIKE Honest Conversations Series & SENScot present: "Sustaining a favourable climate for Scotland’s Social Enterprise sector"  at Grassmarket Community Centre, 9:30am – 2:15pm, 6th March 2020, in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK).

Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2016-2026 was launched in December 2016. The Strategy presents ongoing commitment to supporting the social enterprise sector, and complements other key Scottish Government policy commitments to a fairer society and inclusive economy. 

To support the Strategy commitments, the Scottish Government has provided funding for social enterprise infrastructure through organisations and networks including Social Entrepreneurs’ Network Scotland (SENScot) and Social Firms Scotland (SFS). Approaching mid-way through the Strategy, this conference will ask:

· Has this investment provided a favourable climate for social enterprises?, How can this support be maintained?, Where will the Scottish social enterprise sector be in 2026?

· What are the gaps and can they be filled?, What is working well and can be built upon?

All stakeholders in the social economy are cordially invited to attend to share with others evidences and experiences before joining a debate on the future of the sector. The conference audience will include social enterprise stakeholders, social entrepreneurs, social enterprise staff, social enterprise network and advocacy representatives, academics, and policy makers. Insights from key stakeholders will be collated to generate a Briefing Paper on future directions in Scottish social enterprise.

This workshop is being held in partnership with SENScot, Scotland’s social enterprise network, and the Erasmus+ SIKE (Social Innovation through Knowledge Exchange) project.

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