Tech for Good project launched
  • 03 March 2020

Tech for Good project launched by Enterprise North West in partnership with Lisneal College and Kippie CIC (Derry).

The Social Technology Project was recently launched and involves an exciting new student-led programme that helps schools to explore solutions to social issues through the use of technology. The new programme aims to develop and promote creative thinking around local social issues for young people which will then be transferred into a app or game. The project has been launched this week by Enterprise North West in partnership with Lisneal College and Kippie CIC.

The Social Technology project is part of the overall Atlantic Social Lab project, will allow young people to explore and find new solutions to whatever societal challenges they are passionate about across the City. By embracing current technology, the young people will learn and develop a wide range of skills as well as developing their own app or game which will have a key focus on the creating positive social solutions. 

Speaking at the launch event, the lead partner Enterprise North West’s, Brian O’Neill said, “this social innovation project will provide a fresh and engaging investigation into a wide range of social issues affecting young people.”

“The group will be set the task of using creative thinking and programming skills to address and come up with innovative solutions embracing tech to address social issues affecting their local communities. This will aim to solve a local problem that affects the local community and young people.  The young people will develop their skills in leadership and critical analysis and support in implementing a solution that they develop through Social Tech Project.”

Speaking on behalf of Lisneal College, Karen Mc Avoy, highlighted that “This project is an excellent opportunity for our pupils to work together and develop their teamwork skills through an area of great interest to them. They are very excited about it.”

The Atlantic Social Lab programme is a unique programme that aims to develop and promote social innovation approaches and methods to give response to key growing social issues within citizens, third sector and social enterprises as well as the public sector. It aims to work with innovative initiatives that are tackling many of the social challenges faced by the City that have detrimental effects on people who live there.

You can find an article published in a Derry local media by clicking in the next link: