• 16 June 2023

Atlantic Social Lab Project Releases Reports on Social Systems Innovation and Digitalization

In a significant development for the field of social innovation and digitalization, the Atlantic Social Lab project has published a series of comprehensive reports that shed light on transformative social systems innovation, the impact of pilot initiatives on public services, and digitalization trends in the Atlantic Area. These reports aim to provide valuable insights and inform policymakers, researchers, and practitioners working in the region.

These reports mark a significant milestone in the Atlantic Social Lab project, showcasing the project's commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding in the fields of social systems innovation and digitalization. By bridging the gap between research and practice, the reports aim to support evidence-based decision-making and facilitate the development of effective policies and strategies that can drive positive social transformation in the Atlantic Area.

The Atlantic Social Lab project encourages policymakers, researchers, and practitioners to explore these reports and leverage the valuable insights provided to shape future initiatives, foster innovation, and promote digitalization for the betterment of public services and society as a whole.

The full version of these reports is available for download at: http://atlanticsociallab.eu/documents