Fab Lab group
  • 26 December 2018

Pilot Action group attend Fab Lab to discuss the development and implementation of their prototypes

As part of the delivery of the Atlantic Social Lab Design Thinking Pilot Action in partnership with the North West Regional College, Enterprise North West facilitated a study group of the students to visit the Fab Lab in Derry to discuss the development of their prototypes developed through the workshops with the manager of the centre.


The aim of the study visit was to allow the students to discuss their social innovation prototypes and experience the machines to enable them to focus on creativity and develop their digital fabrication skills. By mixing their design thinking techniques, theories and these digital skills, it is envisaged that they will have the ability to bring this learning to their local communities and apply innovative learning in places that may not otherwise have this accessed this opportunity.

Tina Duffy, Social Care Lecturer at the North West Regional College, is pleased with how the design thinking pilot action has been going so far. She explained:

“It is great to partner with Enterprise North West and the Fab Lab in such a fresh series of workshops. The NWRC team and students are delighted to be able to bring social innovation, seen within the design thinking workshops with Enterprise North West and the study visit with the Fab Lab to our students and to a place where this type of skills building, and learning are not typically associated. So far, the project has been a real success and there is still a chance for more students to participate. We look forward to more of this type of interaction in the future.”